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Our Mission

Empower our customers with enduring value through the strategic use of payments as an asset. Utilizing our cutting-edge tools and industry expertise, we strive to optimize profit, one transaction at a time.

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Our Story

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Owner and Founder Hemal Mehta brings over 25 years of invaluable experience from the corporate world, assisting organizations of all sizes in establishing resilient e-commerce ventures. Throughout these endeavors, a recurring theme emerged - the constant pursuit of enhancing margins and expanding top line growth. However, after exhausting conventional approaches to e-commerce growth, Hemal found himself at an impasse.

It was during this juncture that he serendipitously came across a critical item on the P&L statement: Payment Credit Card Costs. Intrigued, he delved into the intricacies and, to his astonishment, uncovered potential cost savings through a deeper understanding of payment systems. This revelation became the catalyst for the inception of OptimaPayment.

Hemal's aspiration is to replicate the successes he achieved within various corporations, now extending these benefits to businesses seeking to optimize their payment processes and drive profitability.






With a wealth of experience in commerce platforms and a profound domain expertise in payment systems, we stand at the forefront of our industry. What sets us apart is our unique blend of knowledge and our dedicated investment in creating cutting-edge integration, analytics, and workflow tools. This combination not only distinguishes us from our competitors but also equips us to offer the most comprehensive end-to-end payment optimization solution in the marketplace.

Our commitment goes beyond cost reduction; we also provide the means to recapture lost opportunities. This holistic approach sets us apart as the sole company offering a complete payment optimization solution, ensuring that you not only save on payment costs but also unlock untapped potential.

Experienced Leadership

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