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Up to 40% of subscription churn is involuntary - it happens when an administrative payment issue is not addressed, causing a subscription to elapse.

Accidental churn (payment failure) is an invisible problem that is the single largest driver of churn across subscription companies.

Failed Payment & Involuntary Churn

Every month, subscription businesses are losing 1-4% of their customers, pointlessly. For a business doing 100,000 transactions a month, with an average transaction value of $10, that could mean a loss of $15m in cumulative revenue over five years.

Stemming from failed, expired, and delinquent credit cards businesses are pointlessly losing a lot of money every month.

What Can You Do About It?

We offer to help customers reduce failures with built-in dunning management, account updater & retry logic


Pre-built analytics integrated with your subscription platform - we identify accounts which needs to be optimized


For those accounts, we reduce failture with dunning management, account updater and retry logic


Measure outcome & churn rates related to payment issues


We perform on-going monitoring to be proactive on your active accounts


We've already done a lot of the hard work for other customers just like you, so why start from scratch when you can leverage our experience and pre-built solutions? We will help you identify potential opportunities and even create a simple proof of concept with no cost and no obligation.

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