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Recover Payment Related Cart Abandonment

Using OptimaPayment's Analytics & Workflow Engine

As a merchant, a declined card means losing out on a sale that was already in the bag. It’s a real bummer. What are some of the potential reasons, and what can you do to recover the sale in question?

Who decides if a card transaction is approved or rejected?

The credit card issuer (bank) approves or declines the card transaction. When a charge fails, the issuer sends an error code to the merchant. These credit card decline codes can be helpful in understanding why a payment hasn’t gone through. There are hundreds of these decline error codes - Here is a list of top 5

Code 51

Insufficent Funds

Code 65

Credit Limit Exceed

Code 63

Wrong CVC

Code 41 & 43

Lost & Stolen

Card Pickup

Code 05

Don't honor

OptimaPayment's integration and analytics tool can help identify root cause of decline and take appropriate action based on the decline error codes

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